Grilled Pizza

I love pizza. Pizza right from the oven is such a treat, but pizza off the grill is even better! Build your pizza on some fresh dough that has been stretched into something that looks like a circle or rectangle. Make your own dough or pick some up at the …

¿Habla Español?

When was the last time you learned something new*? *Completely-out-of-your-comfort-zone-and-I-am-totally-humbled-new I am not one who likes to not know things. I am quick to run to Google (I admit, it used to be the huge encyclopedia on my parents’ bookshelf) and figure it out. Ask anyone who knows me, I …

New WordPress Class Posted at WREN

Create a Website with WordPress Learn how to use this popular blogging tool to create an effective website for your business. Rachel Tardelli Vermeal is back at WREN: Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network in New Hampshire on Tuesday, July 12 to present this set-by-step workshop to teach you how to easily …

Eat like a German!

It is HOT out today! Preparing the polenta this morning so I can go for the grill, tonight! Eat like a German (or Northern Italian or Austrian)! When the it is too hot inside – Grill up some polenta and sausages!

Salt Kiln Glaze Tests – 8lbs

Check out my glaze tests from the latest 8lb salt kiln firing. Each bowl was underglazed with black markings and dipped with two different glazes. I’m pretty happy with the results of blushing and salt effects. I am excited to put them on some larger pieces! Stay tuned!