Getting Dirty After a Clean Break

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So I took some time away from the wheel.

Three months.

Three months!?

I had other stuff going on and I wasn’t feeling that inspired. After a dozen or more firing mishaps, I stopped being ‘zen’ about the whole ceramics thing. I knew it was time to step away from the wheel.

It was great, for a while. I had less laundry, cleaner shoes and no clay footprints in the hallway. I got on my bike, brushed up my resume, and took a grad class.

Time away can give you perspective on just about anything. And I had forgotten that my art fell into that principle, too.

This past Wednesday, I knew it was time to go back to the studio.

Who knows what will happen to these lovely bowls I made this week (I’m hopeful that they will be wedding gifts). I just know: it felt so good to make stuff and find my dirty zen again.

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